MENTOR & facilitator

DAVID CORDES is a masterful facilitator with 18 years of experience delivering life changing workshops and programs for adults and youth around the globe. As a pioneer in the field of social innovation and personal transformation, David leaves a profound impact on all those that he works with and his commitment to the well-being of humanity is the foundation of his playful and dynamic leadership style.

His unique ability to build trust quickly and powerfully allows him to create authentic, heart-centered connections from where individuals can access their deeper truth. 

David brought The Journey Home course to life in 2018: A 10-week one-on-one intensive, where he guides people to identify, engage with, overcome, and ultimately, grow through the impacts of traumatic events from their past. Currently, he is focused on catalyzing eco-systemic transformation, expansion and self-reflection. Through that lens, he has developed and launched ground-breaking programs such as Beyond The Classroom, Applied Social Emotional Learning, and The Art of Parenting. 

Compassionate and insatiably curious, David is driven by his unwavering commitment to “leaving it better than I found it”.